Friday, August 8, 2008


I woke up with the vague feeling of discomfort. The dark room was silent, except for the sound of the crickets outside.

“Oh no...”

My t-shirt was completely soaked, and so were my pajamas. I looked over to my left: Nanay and my younger brothers were fast asleep.

I slowly crept towards the door, careful not to make the tiniest sound as I made my way to the sala. Except for the red glow of the small bulb from the altar, the entire house was dark.

Creeeak! The rusty spring on the door complained as I pushed it open. On the banig on the floor I saw our helper, who was also fast asleep. I held my breath as I closed the door and walked slowly to the cabinet. Quickly, I grabbed some clothes and let myself out.

Our bathroom was outside the house, just adjacent to the dirty kitchen. I switched the lone incandescent bulb and braved the short walk.

Inside, I removed my wet clothes which were smelled faintly of ammonia. I toweled myself before putting on the dry ones. I rolled the wet pajamas into a ball and stuffed them at the bottom of the hamper. I went back inside the house.

I picked up yesterday’s paper and brought it with me inside the bedroom. With the utmost care, I laid them carefully on the bed- mostly over the wet parts. I climbed back to bed, dry and snug, and went back to sleep.

I was eight.

Nocturnal enuresis is usually not considered a problem until after the age of 6. The most common causes include genetic predisposition and delay of maturation (Cendron, 1999). The incidence of nocturnal enuresis declines as the child matures.

Sabay justify, hehe!


mink said...

yey thad, ur just as normal as me and the others who make wee wee on bed during childhood.

Looking For The Source said...

ganyan ako nung bata.

pero hindi ako ang nag-aalis ng damit ko, c mami! wahahah..

at kaya laging ubos ang kumot sa bahay namin.. dahil jan!


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